cory w. peeke

My work is a study in anxiety and control, impermanence and obscurity. They are manifestations of my relationship to the imprecision of memory. The memories that we hold on to and the memories that hold on to us. On the face of it unmistakable yet inexact and only temporary.

The adhesive tapes both control and cloud the image. It is apparent yet imprecise. Fragments come together but they form only a suggestion. A suggestion that engages, troubles, and even gratifies. A confusion of memories desperately held together in a way that will only hasten their demise. These works are links to lives lived and connections, however ephemeral made. Like a memory, they are a traces of something past; an intangible, fleeting connection to something we can’t quite name. And like our memories, as they age, they will falter and eventually be released.

Each work features a recognizable object, often a ladder, boat, or bed. These objects are chosen purposefully as each represents a way to go beyond our body’s limitations, they allow us to resist the earth’s pull, float, and dream. Like memory, they allow us to transcend our bodily constraints but also like memory they are conditional.